Short Stop in Yellowknife

On the way to Daring Lake we have to stop over in Yellowknife to wait for our chartered flight.  Typically we use our time in Yellowknife to make any last minute preparations for our upcoming stay. This year I arrived in the city around 2pm on a Friday and had quite the list of things to accomplish before various stores closed for the evening.  My two travelling companions and I decided that the best way to get things done was to hire a taxi to chauffeur us around from place to place. I can only imagine how our driver felt when he realized he had the honour of accompanying 3 young women on a long-winded shopping trip, but I certainly had fun.

After our shopping journey we were all quite hungry as we were still operating on Ontario time.  It was still a bit early for dinner, so we decided to venture to a lookout called The Rock.  Located at the top of an exposed bedrock outcrop, this particular lookout provides an excellent view of the section of Yellowknife called Oldtown. Dinner consisted of the most deliciously pan-fried Lake Trout at the renowned Bullocks Bistro.


On Saturday morning I woke up quite early to go birding before my flight to Daring Lake.  I started my walk near city hall and headed southwest along the path that follows the shore of frame lake.  I was surprised about how many runners were out at 6:30 in the morning.  Yellowknife strikes me as a very active city. I was also surprised at how many new birds I added to my year list for such a short walk.

Finally, after an early breakfast we headed to the airport to catch our flight with Summit Air.  We flew in a Turbo Beaver (hailing from the 1960’s).  In Yellowknife we took off from the paved runways.  At Daring, we landed on the lake ice that was still 5 feet thick (as of May 31st).  The flight was smooth and mostly clear of clouds, so the views were great.  There was a draft near my seat, and despite dressing in many layers I was quite cold.  However, when our pilot noticed that I was shivering, he took off his jacket and handed it back to me.  Quite the gentleman!  After landing safely and unloading a ridiculous amount of gear, I began my Daring Lake adventure!

The Turbo Beaver and our gentleman pilot.

The Turbo Beaver and our gentleman pilot.

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