Welcome to my blog!

My summer in the Canadian Low Arctic has officially begun. I’m back living at the Daring Lake Tundra Ecosystem Research Station at Daring Lake, NWT, and this summer I’ve decided to record my experiences in a central location for all of my family and friends to read.  Before I post any official update I thought it would be best to add a disclaimer that I will be writing at night most likely after a day of field work and an evening of data processing.  I pre-apologize for any weird spelling/grammar or overly excited posts about birds. Thanks for reading!


The view from the front of camp. Daring Lake, NWT.

The view from the front of camp. Daring Lake, NWT.

One thought on “Welcome to my blog!

  1. Hi Sweetie
    It sounds like you are really enjoying everything!!!God Bless you for being where you are because I am sure more young people would prefer more “comfortable accommodation’s” I thought growing up on a farm with no running water was horrible plus no indoor plumbing ,even worse..but we all seemed to survive..I just went to my Oldest Sister Ella’s Funeral,she was 96 yrs young..My Sister Fran and myself went to see her in the Hospital in Simcoe and she knew us and we chatted and she told us she just wanted to go and be w/the Lord..Her Family (7 of them) decided to take her off all her med’s and blood transfusion’s and see how long she would last..She died 7 days later.She is where she wanted to be.
    Be Safe my love…looking forword to seeing you sometime soon..How is Micheal doing??I am sure he misses you terribly!! How much longer are you there?
    Take care and tks. for update…Love you!!!
    Grandma xoxo

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