Butterflies of the Canadian Low Arctic

During my stay at the Daring Lake Ecosystem Research Station (111°35´ West 64°52´ North) I attempted to keep track of all of the butterfly species I came across.  Because I wasn’t overly familiar with the species in the area, I used the ID method of taking pictures in the field and nailing down the identification later with the help of the internet and a great little butterfly ID booklet put out by the Environment and Natural Resources, Government of the Northwest Territories.  eButterfly (http://www.e-butterfly.org/) was another tool that was instrumental in tracking my sightings and confirming my identifications, with the added bonus of getting to contribute to a citizen science initiative.  I spent relatively little time in the field looking for butterflies, and I can only imagine how many more species I may have come across if they had been my main priority.

Here are the species I was lucky enough to find:

* not pictured: Nymphalis antiopa, Mourning Cloak Butterfly.  They fly faster than I can run 🙂

Link to NWT butterfly guide: http://www.enr.gov.nt.ca/sites/default/files/documents/butterfly_book_2013.pdf

2 thoughts on “Butterflies of the Canadian Low Arctic

  1. Wonderful mix of butterflies. I never really payed much attention to butterflies, but once I started to was surprised by the numbers we have around. I struggle with identification and use the same photograph and ID later approach. Butterflies have become one of my favourite subjects. Beautiful photographs!

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