Carbon and caribou in Canada’s Low Arctic

A bit about my research… Written for the Ottawa Field-Naturalists’ Club.

Field Notes

By Claire Elliott, member of the OFNC

Claire Elliott Claire Elliott

In the spring of 2013 I joined the research lab of Dr. Elyn Humphreys at Carleton University. Dr. Humphreys may be known to some OFNC members for her guided walks of Mer Bleue Bog. I was enticed to join the lab because of a unique opportunity to do field research in the Northwest Territories.

Our research program is focused on soil-plant-atmosphere interactions. Specifically, I use remote sensing technologies to investigate carbon exchange between the biosphere, the regions of the earth’s surface occupied by living organisms, and the atmosphere over large spatial scales. Remote sensing instruments collect data on the electromagnetic energy that has been reflected from earth. These sensors are typically mounted on satellites or aircraft, but similar handheld sensors have been designed for field use as well.

The Daring Lake Tundra Ecosystem Research Station. The Daring Lake Tundra Ecosystem Research Station.
Currently I am living at the…

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