Fox Update

Feisty Mr. Fox that I wrote about earlier in June has officially been confirmed to be a father!  Shortly after I wrote my last post, researchers started to see activity near the den as the pups became old enough to venture out for the first time.  I have wandered past the den on a couple of occasions and seen four different pups.  I’m told that there is a fifth pup who seems pretty shy.  If it took us a couple weeks to make acquaintance with the fifth pup, who knows, maybe there is a sixth.


fox 1

Fox pup one.

Fox pup one is the most blond of the group.  It was curious about my presence, but still rather timid.

fox 2

Fox pup two.

Fox pup two seems pretty confident compared to the other pups.  Fox pup one and two get their looks from Mr. Fox.

fox 3

Fox pup three.

Fox pup three is the lighter of the two dark pups.  Fox pup two and three’s appearance is more similar to the mother, who is brown with a black face mask.

fox 4

Fox pup four.

Fox pup four is the darkest of the pups I’ve seen.

I look forward to watching the pups grow up!

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