Tundra Wildfires

Each morning when I emerge from the sleep tent the weather is a surprise.  The closest weather station to Daring Lake is a good 50 km away at the Ekati Diamond Mine.  The weather predictions for Ekati are sometimes half accurate for Daring Lake, but it’s typical for them to miss big weather events, including the freak thunderstorm on Monday (that was not fun).

Yesterday morning when I rolled out of the sleep tent, I was greeted with conditions I hadn’t yet experienced this year.  Thick smoke coated the air and obscured the distant eskers and cliffs.  Now I should mention for my family’s sake that I am in no imminent danger .  The closest wildfires to Daring Lake are a couple hundred kilometres to the south (wildfire maps: http://www.nwtfire.com/). The winds today were very strong and also happened to be coming from the south.  With them they brought the smoke.  Based on my experience from last summer, I suspect I’ll wake to some smoky conditions at least a couple more times this season.  It smells like a delicious campfire!

In other news, the mosquitoes are back.



Smoke settles over the tundra.

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